Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tau vs Imperial Knights + Assassins

Quick Battle report of my Tau vs Mikes Imperial Knights

So battle was 1750, Big guns never tire, Vanguard Strike which we rolled for.
I placed first objective and deployed first, but Mkes force had 5 units so he won first turn choice despite my carefully building hoping to have an alpha strike list.  As fate would have it, I siezed!

Quick guess at army lists:

Supreme Command Detachment
Commander 2x cyclic 2x MP
Commander 4x fusion

Commander 4x fusion
Commander 4x fusion

Vanguard Detachment
Aun-Shi (the invincible ethereal of DOOM!)

Ethereal with Honorblade

5 man breacher squad

Devilfish with drones

Stealth Battle suits
1x shasUi Burst Cannon

1x ShasUI Fusion + MT
1 ShasVre, Burst Cannon Markerlight and target lock

Stealth Battle suits
1x shasUi Burst Cannon

1x ShasUI Fusion + MT
1 ShasVre, Burst Cannon Markerlight and target lock

Crisis Battle Suits
5x Shasui 3x flamer each
6 shield drones

Crisis Battle Suits
5x ShasUi 3x flamer each
6 Shield Drones

Mikes Force:
3 Imperial Knights (not sure on load outs, hopefully he'll comment)

1 Calidus Assassin
1 Vindicar Assassin

Our Deployments, I put 2 steathteams down first to get close to his deployment zone before he filled it up and I had to be 12" away, then deploy the DFish, 2 ethereals and the breachers near an objective.

Turn one, I bring in all but my commander, the flamer teams drop in on the stealth teams homing beacons.  I totally overkill the vindicare with 9 flamers shooting at him, and split the other 6 off on the nearby Knight.  Mikes list makes me suspect the flamer teams are going to be of limited value in this game as 15 flamers generate around 50 hits for me typically, but wounding on 6's they won't be doing much work against knights.  I get first blood on the vindicare, and my 3 quad fusion commanders nearly kill the closest knight.  Across the way the other flamer team struggles to deal out any damage scoring a couple unsaved wounds.

His Warlord moves out to deal with my commanders, while the critically wounded knight tries to deal with the flame squad nearby.  I dump a bunch of wounds off on the drones, lose 2 out of 3 commanders (should have brought some drones for them to share, and his wounded knight ultimately dies to overwatch as it tries to charge the flamer team.  In the back more drones die for the greater good as I dump wounds to the 6 shield drones.  His callidus assassin roled bad for deployment ending up 9" away and failed her charge.

The aftermath of bottom of turn 1.  One knight has fallen a moral victory for the Tau, but at the cost of two commanders.

Turn 2 my warlord comes in but his loadout is subpar and I forget I'd spec'd him with a couple drones.  He does no wounds to Mikes Warlord then dies horribly.  I move up with both flamer teams trying to put wounds on his warlord, but the far one has too split 2 suits off on the far knight as their flamers are out of range.  They put a few wounds on the warlord.

Turn 3 and 4 are kind of a blur.. I manage to put down his warlord and lose my remaining commander along the way.  My Devil fish advances hoping to get the Breachers and Aun-Shi up into range but it moves to cautiously and they don't get there.  He takes out the far flamer team and the stealth team as well.

Update: I skanked this image from kill mame burns post showing
Aun-Shi harassing the Knight turn 5, photo cridit to Jeff W.

Turn 5 Aun-Shi disembarks the Devilfish and moves towards the remaining knight while my suits fall back and try to claim objectives.  The Devilfish advances to get back on the 3rd objective.  Aun-shi gets into combat with the knight and inflicts one unsaved wound!  He makes 5 4+ invuln saves after rerolls and takes no wounds in return.  Huzah!  The cowardly knight flees from Aun-Shi's terrifying presence and tries to shoot my suits off the objective.  I cross my fingers and hope for the game to end as I might clinch a victory at this point.  It does not :(

The game goes on to turn 7, Aun-Shi engages the Knight in Assault again turn 6 but fails to wound, he takes 3 wounds in return.  The knight disengauges and eventually manages to shoot the remaining suits and Aun-shi off the board.  In the end we each have one objective, we've both scored slay the warlord, and neither has linebreaker.. However, as Knights are no Heavy support, I score no points for the 2 a slew, and he edges me out in kill points having killed 9 of my 12 units, while I only killed 4 of his 5..

PS hopefully the link to Kill Mame Burns post will work down here as it didn't in the photo comment:

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Apocalypse at the GR Warroom

 An apocalypse game that we played in September at the GR Warroom.  We ended up with 3 no shows/cancellations, one last minute recruite, and played a 8 man game, 4000 pts a player with one ghost player to make even teams.  The mission turned out a bit odd, combined with one team having most their army in reserve after deployment resulting in a rather sparse looking table.  Not much to add, just sharing the photos up here for interested parties that might want a picture of their army on the table.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sometimes 40K pisses me off

Below is a post I started probably a couple years ago after a frustrating game.  I'm sharing it now just because I can laugh at it now.  Foul Language warning.

This would be my first battle report with my new phone/camera, only the game was so pathetic that there is no point writing about it.  Here are some pictures of me losing again after even more pathetic dice rolling, list building, and deployment, and bullshit space marine bullshit.

I gotta say, this is two games in a row, in which I've either brought a friendly list, or at least tried to play friendly only to have a shitty game.  Do you wanna know how fun it is to play against an all Drop Pod/Flyer reserve army?  About as fun as it is to play against 3 Riptides.. At least riptides have to follow basic rules.  The fact that Drop Pods never Mishap pisses me off to no end.  "Oh, I scattered 5" onto your unit.. OOPS, no I don't, here let me park my dreadnaught right next to your unit instead.. Tee Hee"  The fact that 5 marines that lose combat, fail their leadership, get swept, then get to just rejoin the fucking combat like nothing happened.. FUCKING pisses me off.. Why do they even roll the god damn dice if it doesn't fucking matter weather they pass or fail?  It pissed me off all the way through 5th, and it pisses me off now.

See that Vindicare on the Ruin?  He's apparently only
in my list to give my opponent first blood, since he didn't
have anything to shoot at, and is an easy kill once my opponent
shows up on the board anywhere he wants with a bunch of
Drop Pods.. Yeah.. Still not FUN. 

Notice how I get to hide my shit in a corner so I don't
have some drop pod that never fails land behind me and shitwreck
my vehicles..  To bad it doesn't matter, cuz we rolled the Relic
and I'm just sitting in this corner playing with myself while my opponent
gets to deploy his whole army on the fucking objective with his fucking
all drop pod army.  Even if I'd deployed at the edge of my zone I'd have never
got near it.

Shot a Multi-Melta, Melta, and 3 Exorcists at the nearest
drop pod trying to clear my LOS too the Relic.  Two Exorcists
had prescience on them.  Out of all that, I only managed to strip
it's hull points after 2 pens at ap1..  No explosion.

DreadKnight rolled 1's to assault the marines and failed.  Of Course.

The dreadnaught got 7 wounds on the sisters.  Celestine was up
front so I should have been fine.  She rolled 3 1's out of those 7
hits and died.  Amazing.

The Necron flyer is a Stormraven really..

The Dreadknight Assaulted 6 marines.  Sgt challenged and
Died to hammer of wrath.. They failed leadership, got swept BUT NOOO..
Space Marines don't need any rules.. So they just locked my Giant
MC into assault..

Celestine did get up on turn 3 and the sisters ran from
the now imobilized dreadnaught.. Pathetically 2 Exorcists
couldn't kill it.  The other scored 2 hits on the Stormraven
thanks to prescience.. He evaded, but I only got 1 glance
so no chance to explode..

Turn 3 the flyer which had evaded went into hover mode
(is that even legal?) disgorging his command team.  They
assaulted (again, can you assault from a flyer that evaded on your
opponents turn?) his HQ with thunder hammer and Shield Eternal
Accepted my challenge.. I scored 2 wounds, he saved one with 3+ invuln
And because of the stupid shield giving him eternal warrior didn't die
despite being doubled out, by a force weapon.. Nope.. It's all good.. He
then put 4 wounds on my Dreadknight which only has a 5++ and failed 3 having
already taken a wound and died.  End of game bottom of turn 3 because I had
no way to catch the relic, and he had first blood for killing my vindicare who never
got a shot off due to his full reserve deployment..